Why Vote Mike McCool?

✓ Experience

✓ Integrity

✓ Respect

✓ Proven Community Leader

✓ Successful Business Professional

✓ Mature Decision Maker

Focused on serving all of the citizens of Front Royal, I will foster your input before decisions are made and establish open communications regarding the business of Front Royal. Working for Front Royal families, I will create a clean, safe and inclusive community where people love to live and work. I have established a reputation as a community leader with integrity and outstanding leadership qualities. Here are some of my positions on the issues:

JOBS. Over half of Front Royal’s workers must commute to work out of the area. I ask, “Why doesn’t Front Royal have more high paying jobs?” We have the location, natural resources, transportation, and a workforce willing to work! As Mayor, I will keep the focus on our infrastructure, our schools, and our attitude, as businesses look for those qualities when relocating.

FAMILY. Family time is essential, which is one reason attracting good-paying jobs in Front Royal is so important. Shorter commutes mean more time for important things, such as school events and family gatherings. Local living-wage jobs mean reduced childcare costs and give us more time to enjoy where we live.

COMMUNITY. Working together, we can eliminate the barriers that keep our community down. That means continued training of our local workforce for jobs of the future, partnering with our schools to improve the education our children receive, and valuing every resident.

COMMUNICATIONS. As Mayor, I pledge to keep the community informed. I will form committees to work on real solutions, not just talk. Working together gets things done. Coordinating with our County government, our existing EDA, and our schools is the key to success.

THE CHANGES WE NEED. Change doesn’t happen by accident. We will inspect what we expect. A strong, positive, and effective leader is needed, and I will be that leader – I will be the champion we need.

Thank you for your support!
Mike McCool