Why Vote Mike McCool?

Focused on serving all of the citizens of Front Royal, I will foster your input before decisions are made and establish open communications regarding the business of Front Royal.

Working for Front Royal families, I will create a clean, safe and inclusive community where people love to live and work.

I have established a reputation as a community leader with integrity and outstanding leadership qualities. Here are some of my positions on the issues:

    • In an informational and technology-driven global economy, high-paying jobs can locate just about anywhere. If we want our fair share of those jobs to locate in Front Royal, we must make sure Front Royal is an attractive and safe place to live.
    • A well-maintained infrastructure, excellent schools, a vibrant downtown, and a can-do positive attitude at Town Hall are the ingredients for success.
    • Government should be smaller, smarter and more efficient.
    • Tourism is our bread and butter. We are a small community, with big possibilities! Let’s transform our community into a major draw for tourists and visitors and a year-round addition to the quality of life for all of us.
    • Working together, we can make Front Royal competitive with any place in America. We need to make Front Royal a great place to do business, and an even better place to live.
    • We need to make it easy for businesses to not just locate here, but stay here and create the local jobs we need.
    • We don’t need to “make Front Royal great again,” we need to keep it great! I believe that, and I am asking for your support, not only in this election but in moving Front Royal forward for years to come. Positive leadership makes all the difference.
    • Good things don’t happen by accident. They happen when you have strong, positive, and effective leadership. That’s why I ask you to elect McCool for Mayor of Front Royal in the November 2020 election.

Thank you for your support!
Mike McCool